In general, dermatology prefers to allow clinicians as much choice as possible to select among a variety of treatment options. There are regional and generational differences in the execution of commonly performed techniques. This may be partly due to the large role of mentoring in training dermatologists, who often “do it” the way that the professor showed them during the training years.

Relatively infrequently performed techniques that were not demonstrated and learned during a physician’s training are difficult to incorporate into practice.

In this beautifully illustrated two volume atlas, Dr. Redondo offers a way for both novices and experienced dermatologic surgeons to learn techniques from a master. Dr. Redondo is an inventive and exacting surgeon. He has carefully distilled his years of experience performing dermatologic..{seguir leyendo}

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Prologue to the first edition

Prologue to the second edition

Introduction to the first edition

Introduction to the second edition

Part I. The Foundations of Dermatologic Surgery

1. General Principles

2. Anaesthesia Techniques

3. The Classification and Physiology of Skin Flaps

4. Direct Closure and Burow’s Triangles

5. Skin Grafts

6. Mohs Micrographic Surgery. Three-dimensional Histological

Study of the Surgical Specimen

7. The Art of Displacing Tissues. Planning the Closure of a Defect

Part II. Topographic Reconstructive Surgery

8. Scalp Surgery