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This issue of Surgical Clinics of North America focuses on Contemporary Melanoma Management: A Surgical Perspective, and is edited by Dr. Rohit Sharma. Articles will include: Melanoma etiology and risk factors; Genetic, inherited and familial melanoma; Staging melanoma: What’s old and new; Surgical management of primary cutaneous melanoma; Surgical management of regional lymph nodes in melanoma; Non-surgical management of regional lymph nodes in melanoma; Principles of immunotherapy in melanoma; Principles of targeted therapy in melanoma; Role of radiation in the era of effective systemic therapy for melanoma; Melanoma of unusual sites; Ongoing clinical trials in melanoma; Role of surgery for metastatic melanoma; Surgical considerations and systemic therapy of melanoma; Management of loco regionally advanced melanoma; Pathology of mel..{seguir leyendo}

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