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This issue of PET Clinics focuses on PET in the Management of Hematologic Malignancies and is edited by Drs. Abass Alavi (the Consulting Editor of PET Clinics), Gary Ulaner, Jakub Svoboda, and Lale Kostakoglu. Articles will include: PET-CR as a surrogate to replace PFS in assessment of efficacy of DLBCL treatments; PET-Derived Quantitative Metrics for Response and Prognosis; Evolving Role of PET Based Novel Quantitative Techniques in the Management of Hematological Malignancies; Critical Role of FDG/NaF imaging in Assessment of Skeletal Involvement in Patients with Multiple Myeloma; Response adapted treatment strategies in Hodgkin lymphoma using PET scans; FDG PET/CT as a staging tool in multiple myeloma; FDG PET/CT as a predictor of prognosis in multiple myeloma; PET/CT as a response evaluation tool in multiple myeloma; PET imaging i..{seguir leyendo}

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