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This issue of Clinics in Sports Medicine will take a deep dive into Knee MLI. Guest edited by Drs. Bruce A. Levy and Benjamin Freychet, this issue will discuss a number of related topics that are important to practicing clinicians. This issue is one of four selected each year by our series Consulting Editor, Dr. Mark Miller. The volume will include articles on: Knee ligament instability patterns; Vascular injury in the multiple ligament injured knee; MCL/PMC; FCL/PLC; Osteotomies; MLIK: initial assessment and treatment; All-inside PCL graftlink; Multiligament Knee Reconstruction; KDIV Multiligament Knee Injuries: Treatment and Outcomes; Repair and Augmentation with Internal Brace in the Multiligament injured knee; PCL reconstruction with internal brace Augmentation; and Outcomes, Injury Patterns and Gait Analysis of Multiligament knee..{seguir leyendo}

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