With collaboration of Dr. Jan Foster, Consulting Editor, Drs. Landry and Fowler has created a current clinical look at nursing interventions for cardiovascular disease. They have invited authors from top institutions to contribute reviews on the following topics: Evidence-Based Strategies for Late Stages of Heart Failure; Cardiovascular Risk Reduction: A Pharmacotherapeutic Update for Antiplatelet Medications; Comprehensive Nursing Management for Cardiac Valvular Dysfunction; Recovery Management After Cardiothoracic Surgery: Nursing Priorities; Cardiovascular Disease Management in Minority Women: Special Considerations; STEMI and NSTEMI: Medical and Surgical Interventions; Nursing Management for Patients Post-Operative Cardiac Device Insertion & Minimally Invasive Procedures; Acute and Chronic Nursing Management of Atrial Fibrillation..{seguir leyendo}

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